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Our user-friendly tools provide you to convert and create interactive SCORM contents.

You can improve your employees' performance with interactive SCORM contents and track their detailed reports from your LMS.

SCORM Converter

You may have some documents and videos you want to assign your employees. However, it would be boring and ineffective way in this digital age. Unfortunately, having neither detailed reports of the employees and high retention rate would be possible. So, we have developed SCORMs Converter that answers your needs. You can effortlessly convert your PDF, Power Point and videos into SCORM e-learning in a few clicks. Also, you can add voiceover and music to per page. The best part is putting interactivities in your e-learning. It definitely supports permanent learning. After converting of the documents, you can download them and import to your LMS or host in your website.


Assessment & Evaluation is a crucial part of learning. So, you can prepare your own SCORM test with SCORMS test tool. Different types of tests can be created in seconds if your questions are ready. Also, you can establish various test rules to evaluate properly.
In addition to this, if you want to take full attention of your employees, you should try our gamified assessment formats. These are highly recommended to keep learners' attention high and take maximum efficiency from the task.

Custom SCORM Package

With our SCORM Converter tool, you can transform your documents and videos into SCORM packages easily. However, you may have a special project that needs to have particular flow with elaborated interactivities. In this case, our team is ready to support and make real what kind of e-learning on your mind. Our clients mostly ask for support when they have some special scenarios that have to proceed according to answers of learners to the interactivities. It's a great way to make e-learning personalized. Don't hesitate to contact us to consult.

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